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Take a moment to imagine a world where our leaders, at the highest level, promoted fitness and nutrition over drugs and medicine. What problems could be solved? What problems would be created? In our current situation, I’d like to think the picture of life would be much different.

In 1986, 1.58 million people in the United States died from six major chronic diseases: cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis, malignant neoplasms, and diabetes. These deaths accounted for 75% of all U.S. deaths. For many chronic diseases, means of primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention are well known. It has been estimated that many deaths caused by these six chronic diseases could be prevented. For example, effective change in habit around smoking, blood pressure, diet, and alcohol consumption.

Acknowledging that this data is old, I still can’t help but wonder what would happen if the highest levels of leadership started a narrative around what can be done today to improve our health. Fitness and nutrition are some of the lowest hanging fruit on the tree of life, so why isn’t it being promoted at a higher level? Good thing for you, we aren’t afraid to highlight the importance of this discussion. This could be one of the most important conversations of our time and we intend to make it a priority. Stay strong our there family and keep going.

Follow this discussion a little further and watch the video that CrossFit posted a few days ago. Click here.

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05152020 - WOD

  • 8x 2 isometric towel deadlift (:03 effort)

  • 3 rounds for quality

    • 8 single-leg hip thrust(R)

    • 8 single-leg hip thrust(L)

    • 8 towel hamstring curls

  • AMRAP 12

    • 10 single-Ieg lateral jumps(ea/3”)

    • 10 hollow rocks

    • 10 sumo stance good mornings

    • *post your score in the comments below

  • For quality

    • 100 soup can Cuban press

    • 100 alt single arm overhead lateral raises