Workout of the Day

05132020 - ESSENTIAL


I suspect that, like me, you’ve noticed some of the hypocrisy that stands front and center in the current stay-at-home order. For example, you could, without fear of legal repercussions, go to your local liquor store, pick up a bottle of your favorite liquor, and go home and drink yourself to the verge of death. That choice, allegedly, is protected as “essential.” On the flip side, if you wanted to gather with some friends at your home and train together in a small group, you would be acting in defiance of an executive order and face fines and potentially other legal consequences. I’m reminded of the notion that truth is stranger than fiction.

Now, I won’t pretend that I don’t understand how we ended up here. Of course, liquor stores offer more than just liquor, and in some places that aren’t privileged to have a Whole Foods on every other street corner, the local liquor store may be an important location for residents to get basic grocery staples. And of course, it’s a challenge to legally distinguish what qualifies as a gym: on the one hand, is the small local strength and conditioning facilities that serves a select population of individuals and can keep tight wraps on cleanliness and social distancing; on the other hand are large, big-box gyms that operate on a “get ‘em in and get ‘em out” model and cycle thousands of unique individuals in every day without much control. And so here we are, caught in a sea of grey areas.

But what we can perhaps take from this point in time, when the world has been flipped on its head, is the concept of essential. Deciding what is essential and what is not will inevitably lead to some incongruities when your edict applies to hundreds of millions of people and thousands of businesses. But when you’re deciding for yourself, you can operate with a bit more clarity.

It’s a challenging and thought-provoking exercise to decide what is essential and what is not in your life. No middle grounds, just black and white: this would stay, this would go.

And so I’ll challenge you to play governor for a few minutes in your own life and decide what is essential and what is non-essential. Consider your behaviors, habits, and assumptions, and put them to the test. What propels your life forwards, and what keeps you stagnant or sets you back? You may be surprised just how much the non-essential is filling up your plate.

See you out there. #developyourself







05132020 - Rest Day

  • Breathwork:

    • “Filling the glass with air” drill (nasal only)

      • 8x ⅓ capacity (3030 cadence)

      • 8x ⅔ capacity (5050 cadence)

      • 8x full capacity (7070 cadence)

    • 3 rounds, superventilation + retention

      • 60 seconds superventilation*

      • Max duration hold at residual capacity

      • ~30-90s slow, easy breathing (nasal only)

      • *round 1 - nasal only; round 2 - nasal in, mouth out; round 3 - mouth only

    • Complete 4 mins of quiet, no-pause breathing (nasal only)

      • No assigned cadence, but aim for slow breathing and roughly equal inhale/exhale times

  • Mobility:

    • 2.5 mins/side of the following, using contract/relax:

      • Couch stretch

      • Straddle stretch w/ lateral rotation

      • Lying outer hip stretch