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Living amidst a global pandemic has a way of sharpening priorities and values. For the coaches at CrossFit No Boundaries, our priorities--our community of members and the quality training we provide--haven’t changed, but being forced to keep our distance has led to new challenges in how we deliver on our mission. While we have found ways to help our members keep up with their training and emerge from this unprecedented time stronger than they went into it, it’s impossible to replace the camaraderie and relationships that flourish when we all gather around the whiteboard.

One truth that has been illuminated by the current crisis is that our community is deeply important. Not just our gym family, but also the larger communities within which we live. With this in mind, we are partnering with The Cellar in San Clemente to bring our community Charcuterie Night on Friday, May 1st, at 6 PM.

Break out your finest cheese board, dust off your conversational skills, and join us for an evening of community fellowship.

The Cellar has created a menu offering with a variety of cheese plate recommendations and optional wine pairings for our members. Those participating in Charcuterie Night will pre-order their charcuterie kit from The Cellar to be picked up and plated at home. On Friday at 6 pm, we’ll put the “social” back in social distancing with a digital hangout on Zoom. We’ll enjoy our finger foods, beverages, and most importantly, each other’s company.


Please submit your orders to The Cellar’s online store, where you can also find additional items for sale, as soon as possible to ensure they have time to prepare your charcuterie kit and, if applicable, wine pairing, in time for pick-up on Friday. Orders must be placed before 6 PM on Thursday, April 30th.

On Friday, May 1st, prepare your charcuterie, pour yourself a beverage, and use this link to access the Zoom meet up at 6 PM.

We’re looking forward to an evening of togetherness in this time of separation. Join us, won’t you?







04252020 - WOD

  • For quality

    • 10x 1 - Single leg jump left, single-leg jump right, two-foot broad jump

  • For distance

    • 5 x 1 - max distance standing broad jump

*record max distance in the comments below

  • For quality

    • EMOM 15

      • Min 1 - 20 alt lateral lunges(r/l)

      • Min 2 - 10 hollow rocks

      • Min 3 - 10 arch rocks