Workout of the Day

04232020 - GAS GAUGE


Recovery is an absolute and essential component of any worthwhile training program. Using the following example, consider for a moment that you need to drive from one location to a specific destination far away. You have a limited amount of time to arrive and maintain your prescribed schedule. Along your journey you see the gas light turn on, indicating that you are running low on gas. At this moment, you do a quick calculation and make the realization that you cannot travel much further without stopping for more gas. Simultaneously, you also realize any stop at this point, for any reason, will put you off your schedule.

I’m sure you’ve shared this experience at some point in your life. We have all had to consider the question, should I stop for gas or should I keep driving? Without the additional fuel to operate the car, the engine will cease to work, and now your journey has become substantially more challenging.

If we allow ourselves to the opportunity to operate without a plan, we might choose to skip the gas station. In the context of our training, we schedule the important stop to refuel each week. A body under constant stress will continue to remain under stress. That state of stress will, at some point, lead to a depletion of resources that will aid in your recovery. Creating the space in your week to actually grow is equally as important as your effort to create overload through training.

Enjoy the rest.

See you out there. #developyourself







04232020 - REST DAY

  • Introducing Ashtanga

  • Accumulate 12 min in a deep squat

  • Complete the following movements for quality

    • 1 min toe dorsiflexion(l/r)

    • 1 min toe plantarflexion(l/r)

    • plantar surface smash(l/r)

    • 2 min calf mobilization(l/r)

    • 2min calf smash(l/r)

      • Contract :05/relax :10