Workout of the Day

04212020 - SKILL DAY


One very important component of our GPP(General Physical Preparedness) program is developing a broad range of abilities in our students. Increasing capacity across broad times and modal domains is achieved through thoughtfully prescribed loading, repetition, and variation. This effort is actionable through the weekly practice of performing skills in order to improve our student’s proficiency.

That practice is most effective with a reasonable degree of variation. To be clear I am speaking about a thoughtful effort to include a wide range of skills, not random skill selection. Those skills require a very intentional effort at a base level, which inevitably requires an extraordinary focus around a much smaller skill set.

Today is a skill day and it will require you to take practice with intention if you seek increased performance. You can skip the practice as well, that is your decision to make. Let’s be clear on this though, make sure your expectation is in line with your effort.

My suggestion is to make the choice to be about something, be apart of something bigger than yourself.

See you out there. #developyourself







04212020 - WOD

  • In three rounds perform the following at an increasing pace

    • :20 lateral hops

    • :20 front to back hops

    • :20 around the world hops

  • 3 rounds for quality

    • 10 hollow rocks

    • 10m pony drill

    • 10m two leg hop

    • 10m foot tap(r)

    • 10m foot tap(l)

  • For time

    • 5k run

*record you TT in the commets below