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Tonight is our 2016 CrossFit Open Finale

There will be food and there will be drink. More importantly we will revisit a beautiful moment from 2014. There were so many incredible finishes with this workout. Too many to list here, 14.5 went down in the history books for sure and here it is again. Let's put all that hard work to test tonight!!!

Join us for the Open Finale after the workout.

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CrossFit Open - 16.5


Thrusters 95/65

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program


For Time:

Run 1 mile
155/105 pound Clean and jerk, 21 reps
Run 800 meters
155/105 pound Clean and jerk, 21 reps
Run 1 Mile

U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant...

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Needed a vacation from your vacation?

I have heard this is a pretty common condition from folks with kids.

I returned from our Aspen mountain vacation yesterday and I am ready for a few more days of R&R. While my training more than prepared me for our snowboarding and ski adventures, it did not prepare me for being in the elements, at elevation for seven full days. We had one rest day outside of our travel days.

Don't get me wrong, you'll find no complaining here, this is exactly what I signed up for. Being in good condition, physically, allowed me to do this with relative ease. I'm not the squat record holder and I'm not going to make it to the CrossFit Games Super Regional...but my fitnes...

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"It's an old fashioned bar fight!"-Rory Mckernan

Like the Dave Castro said, "it's time to put the pedal to the metal." It's gonna be 7min of Heaven for all of you fitness fans tonight. 16.3 is 7min AMRAP of 10 Power Snatches and 3 Bar Muscle ups. I won't lie it was nice to see the Master's Athlete win last night.

Way to go Shawn Ramirez!!!.

Now, if your worried about the muscle ups or the the weight on the snatches these moves are easily scalable. This workout can be modified for anyone. If you just want to come in tonight for your daily workout that's fine too. One of our coaches will walk you through the movements and get you in one of the heats.

Start time is promptly at 6pm tonight. Tha...

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2015 – CrossFit Games Open Finale


It’s that time of the week again…

Tonight marks the end of our Friday Night’s Main Event Series for the 2015 CrossFit Games Open.

Today we will run CrossFit Open 15.5 as our program for the day.

I know so many of you were surprised that we didn’t see burpees on this one…Rowing and thursters should more than do the trick though. One of last competitors summed it up really well last night. 15.5 is a mental game. You know you can always row a little harder or get that one extra rep.

Test your limits today kids!

As we have done for all of the CrossFit Games Open workouts we will be hosting our regular Friday Night’s Main Ev...

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