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Thoughts on meditation

The weekly well-being practice this week is meditation and it is one of my favorites. To be completely transparent, I do not have a well-developed daily or weekly practice. Perhaps the fact that it is so absent in my life is why I look forward to the practice. It is all too regular for me to sit with my noisy thoughts pinging around the inside of my skull and feeling helpless to control them. Sometimes my thoughts are represented by great ideas, yet other times they can be very dark and stress-inducing. Ask Abby she'll tell you her thoughts on my thoughts...or don't it's a scary place in there.

The problem for me is that I find it very difficult to push the distractions...

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Today we have three highly technical skills programmed together in one, sort of, long aerobic effort. Sounds like a good chance to look for some adaptation.

Your commitment to the process is all it will take to find success.

Set a goal for each skill and push your capacity to train up to that goal.

This will be a mental challenge as well as a physical challenge.

Bring your "A" game.



  • For time:

    • 1 mile run

    • 2k row

    • 200 double-unders


All regular classes have been canceled in honor of Memorial Day today. Instead, we will be holding our annual Memorial Day Murph event at 9:00 am. This is a day for remembering the people who have died while in service to our country's military. It also marks the unofficial start of the summer vacation season. I will ask that you don’t let the latter overshadow the day’s true meaning.

Many people visit cemeteries and memorials, to honor those who have died in service to our country. Here at CrossFit No Boundaries, we choose to honor all of those who have fallen by donating a little blood, lots of sweat, a few tears, and a few dollars to their memory with a workout called “...

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The end of the year is almost upon us, but we have one more final workout to do. Today is extra special though too...

Today is extra special though...

This video comes to us all the way from Turkey...GUESS WHO?

If you still haven't posted a video and you still have plenty of time. There are a few great examples of how to have a lot of fun with your training from this week. Remember to get your videos posted to the CrossFit No Boundaries Facebook page this weekend for your shot at $100.

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program

Warm- up

400m run
2min deadbugs
20 setups
20 calf raises

For time
400m walking lunges

4 mins couch stretch
2x1 sitting in 3rd world squat
Spend any additional time foam...

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We're not out of the woods yet, but I promise I'll keep this one short.

Today's training is the familiar StrongFit Squat and Carry workout you've seen in the past. A sandbag is probably your best bet, but you can use any odd object to complete your training today. Whether you front carry or Zercher carry your odd object is up to you. Both are a little bit different and one might be better suited than the other depending on what you are carrying. Perform the workout with a weight that you can complete five reps in a row.

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program

Warm Up

2 rounds for perfection

30 bird dogs

20 supermans

10 wall squats (2countdown)


StrongFit AMRAP(courtesy of Julien Pineau)

8min ...

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Apparently, it's all the craze these days.

That's right kiddies, today we run and I can hear your collective groans from all over South Orange County. Your protests might cause a natural disaster so cool it already. Today I have skipped the fancy video and instead will invite you to go on a run with me. Not just today but again in March, for the 2017 San Diego Half Marathon.

Here's the thing, running is something that is readily available to practically everyone, almost everywhere. Now, running won't help you break any world records in powerlifting or take you to the Olympic podium in Weightlifting but it will help you maintain an above average level of fitness when properly used in a wel...

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Find a REAL DEAL today

The biggest day of bargain shopping has begun. Promotions and sales as far as the eye can see and the fingers can click. Today of all days we are fueled by the idea that we can get something of real value for a much less expensive price.

If you’re already SOLD on this idea then CLICK HERE to get a VALUABLE HALF PRICED BARGAIN.

Are all of these “bargains” really a value? Do they really improve your quality of life? Probably not. I find that the most important things in life do not come with a discount. Love…family…friendships, these things will cost you dearly.

What if I were to ask you what you pay for your health? Do you go bargain hu...

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Gratitude Attitude

At this time of celebration, I just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks and gratitude, honoring all of you that have helped shape this year and the years past.

Our gym has been gettin' after it now for 6+ years. This community has grown and grown, adding new members along the way. It's really crazy to think about how many people have come through our doors and joined our ranks. Many of you are now spread out across the US and the globe, but your still part of this gang of misfits.

The people are the most important part of the gym...they are my team. Without my teammates, the training would be pointless. The fitness and performance would have no meaning without t...

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For those of you that know him my words would never do his memory justice...

For those of you that do not know of Chris Moore, the Barbell Buddha. Take a minute to look through to his website. Here is the link. Listen to a podcast or some of his work. Whatever you do take a minute to learn something about the man today.

This week, the community of people that makes up not only CrossFit and Fitness but in an even wider realm of self improvement, humanity and purpose has been dealt with an incredibly unfortunate loss. Having met Chris only a handful of times I do not have any place to add to his story except that he was a very wise and kind man. A man that exuded a sense of great ...

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Today's Program


30 Calorie Assault Bike
30 Calorie Row
30 Burpees


For Perfection

10 Strict Chin Ups
10 Strict Handstand Push Ups
30sec L-Sit
10 Arch to Hollows on rings