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While all of the ten physical skills (endurance, stamina, strength, power, flexibility, coordination, accuracy, balance, speed, and agility) are important for your physical development, two of them occupy an essential role as a metaphorical “container” for many other capacities. These skills are strength and endurance, and they form the foundation, not only of some of the other skills, but of your performance capacities and functional health in general.

Consider your strength and your endurance each like a container. A small container limits the capacities that can fit into it. Increasing the size of this container means greater room to grow.

If we take stamina, or the ability to sustain a prolonged (generally intense) effort, as our example, both strength and endurance will act as the container in which stamina develops. A lack of either strength or endurance -- a small container, in other words -- will leave little room to increase stamina. You can directly train stamina all your want with high-repetition push-ups or snatches or whatever else, but without effort to increase the size of your container, your efforts will be largely fruitless.

This essential role of strength and endurance is the reason we dedicate entire training days to “pure” endurance training or strength training. While you can, up to a point, get stronger and increase your endurance with the commonly-used model of throwing multiple elements into every workout, you will fail to grow the capacities of your container beyond a certain point.

A self-limiting system is not a sustainable system. Don’t forget that while our purpose is to develop broad and general physical preparedness, our methods require specificity and tact.

- PS


  • Back squat - in 10 minutes, work up to a heavy set of 5


  • AMRAP 20

    • 400m run

    • 15 front rack KB squat, right (53/35)

    • 15 front rack KB squat, left

    • 15 single arm KBS, right (53/35)

    • 15 single arm KBS, left


How much of what you do and how you behave happens on purpose? Compare this to the frequency of incidental, accidental, circumstance-led, or pure-reaction actions and behaviors. How does the ratio stack up?
Of course, this broad concept is specifically relevant to how you move. Observationally, purposeful movement tends to be smoother -- controlled, balanced, sometimes even appearing slower (but, interestingly, it is generally faster than haphazard movement that may appear faster). If you’ve ever watched an Olympic gymnast perform, you know what I’m talking about. With purposeful movement, there is often a sense of style, too. Non-purposeful movement often exhibits the opposite qualities: erratic, uncontrolled, inconsistent, etc. It just so happens that leaving your movement up to accident tends to mean lower performance and more injury, too.

It should be said that the human brain does not have infinite capacity for purposeful action. If you performed everything you do with the same purpose you apply to, say, carrying a newborn infant up a set of stairs, tasks like taking a shower or driving to work would stack up to be mentally exhausting. But I would wager that most of you have ample room in your life for more purposeful, deliberate action. And a great place to start would be your movement practice. Tune in to how you move, and act with purpose!

- PS


  • Every 4 minutes for 20 minutes, for time:

    • 5 SB over shoulder (AHAP)

    • 10 T2B

    • 100m sprint

  • *record fastest


The world witnessed a historical moment this weekend as Eliud Kipchoge broke the 2-hour barrier in the marathon, with a mind-blowing time of 1:59:40.2. For reference, that meant maintaining a 4:34/mile pace for 26.2 miles. Imagine running a lap around a 400m track in under one minute and ten seconds. Now imagine doing that 104 more times.

While you may not be pursuing any world records that have eluded mankind for decades, the point stands that limits are largely a self-imposed force. History tells the story again and again of a single record-breaking event setting off a cascade of subsequent record-breaking (see: Roger Bannister’s sub-4:00 mile). Eliud demonstrates the incredible limits (or lack thereof, as the case may be) of what the human body can do with dedication, effort, and the right mindset.

Want to be even more blown away? You can watch video coverage of Eliud’s record-breaking effort HERE to see him breathing with his mouth shut. Take it from the record-holder himself: better breathing = better performance.
Edit: As if one world record wasn't enough, after writing of this post, Brigid Kosgei broke the women's world record in the marathon by over a minute, with a blisteringly fast time of 2:14:04. Record are meant to be broken, folks.

- PS


  • EMOM 10

    • 1) Max unbroken strict pull-ups

    • 2) Max time L-hang


  • AMRAP 10:

    • 200m run

    • 200m row


We’re blown away by the enthusiasm surrounding our upcoming Strongman 101 Specialty Course -- our final specialty course of 2019.

Within 24 hours of announcing the course, more than half of the seats at the table had been taken, with a list of interested parties standing by. As of this writing, we have 3 spots remaining for any motivated folks out there looking to spend 8 weeks digging into the undeniably fun and incredibly effective discipline of Strongman (and did we mention the cool-factor of the sport of Strongman clocks in at a humble 11/10?).

This course is open to both current gym members and non-members, and has no requisite strength or fitness level to participate. If you are interested, or know someone who may be, don’t hesitate too long. We expect these remaining spots to go fast. Contact your coach, or sign up online HERE.

- PS


  • Squat snatch - 3,3,3,3


  • For time:

    • 50 overhead squats (65/45)

  • *5 min time cap


Great news! Our Strongman 101 course is back by popular demand. The course will start October 28th, with classes every Monday and Wednesday evening at 7:00pm. This is a learning and training opportunity you don't want to miss out on, and we couldn't be more excited.

This 8-week long course is an introduction to the discipline of the sport of Strongman. This is old school, folks. Think kegs, yokes, tires, atlas stones, chains, and a whole lot of fun.

Poorly named, “Strongman” isn’t just for men, nor is it just for the strongest people out there. This program, like our GPP program, is fully scalable. There’s no requisite strength or fitness level to participate.

What will we do in Strongman 101?

Your gym experience will feel a lot less like CrossFit and a lot more like Rocky IV. During the 8-week curriculum you will meet twice a week to learn how to flip tires, swing a sledge hammer, lift atlas stones, lift and press kegs, use famer’s handles, and carry a yoke.

The training is a combination of strength training and metabolic conditioning.

Why take Strongman 101?

Potent Stimulus. This course will blend old school movements and objects with “new school” programming. The dynamic nature of a clean and press with a water filled keg, for example, pails in comparison to a neatly loaded barbell. These unfavorable stimuli yield incredible gains that outperform the world of conveniently designed barbells and dumbbells.

“Large loads, long distances, quickly.” In the strength and conditioning world, this is the Holy Grail. Strongman has the ability to foster work capacity better than anything out there with these tools. Moving heavy loads quickly is the name of the game for fitness development.

Real World Strength. When’s the last time you found a nicely chalked handle when you bent down to help a friend move a couch? Strongman is a remarkable tool for building functional strength and capacity because, in part, of its ability to force athletes to execute movements in sub-optimal positions with odd objects. “Knees out, heels down, chest up” is great when you’re lifting a barbell on a lifting platform, but life doesn’t happen that way.

Increased Grip Strength. We are only as strong as we are able to hold on. Strongman’s practical nature builds true grip strength that has invaluable carry over to CrossFit and, better yet, life!

PR in Maximal Lifts. The phosphagen and glycolytic pathways are our bread and butter. Increasing proficiency in competency in unconventional Strongman lifts at upwards of 90% of standard barbell one rep max efforts will increase current personal bests in their respective barbell lifts when the lifter returns to favorable lifting positions.

FUN! There’s something about training with unique tools in Strongman that just makes hard work fun.

This course is available to both members and non-members, and spots are limited and expected to sell out fast.

Talk to your coach to reserve your spot!

- PS


  • 5k row time trial


The people who walk through our doors looking to try the whole CrossFit thing out for the first time almost unanimously share the sentiment that they’re just not that into the usual gym vibe. You know, go to 24 Hour Fitness after work, do a few sets on this machine, a few sets on that machine, maybe vie for a spot by the dumbbell rack, and hit the treadmill for 15 minutes on your way out the door. This distaste for “the gym” (I’ll get back to those air quotes in a bit) may be something you wouldn’t expect to hear from someone whose career is heavily tied to physical training, but I am of the opinion that going to the gym is plain ol’ boring. I’m also of the opinion that this is exactly why so many people don’t go to the gym, and our society’s waistlines back me up on that.

“The gym” is sketchy, uncomfortable, and for the majority of us, unsustainable and unproductive. The vibe is weird and the purpose is unclear (24 Hour Fitness makes most of their money off of people who sign up and don’t show up). And that’s exactly what draws people through our doors. They’re on the hunt for something different.

While we are perhaps a gym in the most general sense, our focus on coach-led, skill-focused, community-driven training makes it an apples to oranges (or maybe apples to filet mignon) comparison. Our programs give students an endless pool of skills and capacities to improve upon, the coaching to drive that improvement, and the community to make it a good time along the way.

If you or someone you know is bored in the gym, know that you/they are not in the minority. Perhaps some purpose and guidance in your training is just the thing that will change your relationship with fitness. Give us a call!

- PS


  • Barbell reverse lunge - 4x12 (6/leg)


  • For time, 21-15-9 reps of:

    • KBS (70/53)

    • K2E

  • *6min time cap


The CrossFit Open starts this week! This is your chance to test your capacities and engage in some competition in a fun and supportive environment.

Here’s the scoop on how it will go down this season.

Starting this Friday and continuing for the next 5 weeks, we will host our Friday Night Main Event on Friday evenings, starting at 5pm sharp. Be here early to go over movement standards and reserve your spot in a heat. We have a pool of judges and are always looking for more to help the event go smoothly. If you’d like to help judge, let your coach know and they can tell you how! If you’d like something to sip on after finishing your workout and as your cheer your fellow competitors on, bring your own beverage (and maybe some to share, too!).

After all participants have completed their workout, we will rally to have dinner and beverages at a local eatery. All are welcome to join.

This event is available and FREE to all current students who are registered for the CrossFit Open. We also invite any drop-ins and out-of-towners participating in the Open to join us for a $25 drop-in fee. If you haven’t yet registered for the Open, you can do so HERE (be sure to register with CrossFit No Boundaries as your affiliate).

See you there!

- PS


  • 4 rounds for reps:

    • 30s max strict chin-ups

    • 60s rest

    • 30s max DUs

    • 60s rest

    • 30s max DB thruster (50/35)

    • 60s rest

    • 30s max cal bike

    • 60s rest


While we all know that putting money away in a savings account is a wise choice, it doesn’t make the decision any easier to take money away from your immediate financial situation to make your situation better in the future. Despite our big brains, humans are still a little too good at making decisions based on the immediate present. We have a hard time weighing the effects of our current choices on our condition a month down the road, much less 5, 10, or 50 years into the future.

You savings account is just one piece of the invest-now-in-the-future-you puzzle, though. Your relationships, your mental and emotional well-being, your time, and of course, your health and fitness all take a top-priority spot in how they affect your future.

Is there something you’re currently doing that’s weighing down future you? Is there something you could be doing to enrich your future?

It’s difficult, but I’ve never heard anyone tell me that investing early in their future self was a bad choice.

- PS


  • Push jerk - 3,3,3


  • For time:

    • 200m KB farmer’s carry (88/70)

    • 30 shoulder to overhead (95/65)

    • 200m KB farmer’s carry

    • 20 shoulder to overhead

    • 200m KB farmer’s carry

    • 10 shoulder to overhead

  • *15 min time cap


You can’t clean a dish with a dirty sponge. At best, your already dirty dish gets marginally cleaner, but is still left with streaks of gunk or grime. At worst, you just smear the grime around, and maybe even make the whole situation messier than it was to start with.

While perhaps not so noticeable as the above example, you’re likely going through life with your own version of a dirty sponge, nullifying your efforts in one way or another. If you attend GPP classes four days/week, for example, but you only ever eat highly processed, nutrient-poor, calorie-rich foods, your efforts towards fitness (your dish washing) is being heavily limited by your dietary choices. Will you get fitter? Probably. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you missed out on 60% of your results. Whether it’s diet, sleep, mindset, planning, or whatever else, I’m willing to bet everyone has a juicy piece of low hanging fruit which, if addressed, will make their efforts in other avenues immensely more productive.

Stop wasting your efforts by ignoring the elephant in the room!

- PS


  • AMRAP 30:

    • 5 HSPU

    • 10 box jumps (24”/20”)

    • 20 step-ups (24”/20”)

    • Plank for the same amount of time it took you to complete the round of HSPU + BJ + step-ups


What’s better than a morning of free fitness, coaching, and community? Probably nothing.

Join us this Saturday, October 5th for a FREE community workout at 9:00am. We can guarantee quality coaching, effective training, a little dirt, and a lot of fun. This event is open to the public, so don’t be shy. Invite your friends, your family, your neighbors, your dentist, and everyone else.

The workout will be scalable to any fitness level, so don’t fret if it’s your first time. Coaches will be on hand to assist with modifications and coach the class through the movements.

You can reserve your spot and make it Facebook official HERE.
And don't forget to bring a friend along!

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